Chris Savely - Flash Gordon Real Time Model - Lizard Man
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Chris Savely - Flash Gordon Real Time Model - Lizard Man

This is my Entry for the Flash Gordon Real Time Model contest

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Update - 18 Jul 2021

Alright, this is my Final Entry. I'm proud of the level of detail I was able to achieve with this being a Real Time Character. All together the model is at 31k polys (which is about 63k Tris) and uses 2 4K Texture sets. I think the model would still look pretty good even at 2k, but I wanted to the maximum amount of detail and figure this would be for a AAA game. I'm proud of the weight and details went into the highpolysculpt and believe that was the most integral part of the process. 

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Update - 8 Jul 2021

I just finished with the High Poly Model. The next steps are to retopologize and UV map to optimize for Real time rendering. I don't plan on doing his shield or little gremlin guy on his head, because I mainly just wanted to focus on the character at hand. If I have time near the end I'll do my best to squeeze them in, but I'd prefer to do texturing rather than extra modeling. I really love how the skin texture came out and can't wait to finish this guy up

Update - 4 Jul 2021

I'm getting very close to finishing the High poly model before I move onto the Retopo stage  and if I have time I really want to texture Him as well. I also need to model out his shield and the little guy on his back. I haven't seen a lot of people add his three colored cape that he has (or at least thats what it looks like to me). I've left alot of parts as one part of the mesh like his legs and his upper body are one mesh, I feel like for a real time model for a game it wouldn't make sense to have so many separate pieces of geometry stacked up on top of each other. This will also make the Low Poly model a lot easier to create not having to worry about a bunch of individual straps and gauntlets.  

Update - 21 Jun 2021

Step 2 - Adding Weight - Before I block out the clothes, I wanted to give the character more or less the shape and weight its going to have towards the final sculpt. It might change a bit depending on how the clothes look and other things, but this is the silhouette that I'm going with for now. I also wanted to add more structure to his body like proper muscles and bones and get the feeling of thick skin on top of the muscles rather than hard or prominent lines. I'm still on the low frequency detail right now so skin texture is going to be one of the last things I do. 

Update - 17 Jun 2021