Dr Zarkov - Smartest French bulldog in the Mongo system
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Dr Zarkov - Smartest French bulldog in the Mongo system

I am very happy to work on Giuseppe Di Stasio concept, I think this project is going to be super Fun to work until the end

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Update - 14 Jun 2021

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Update - 11 Jun 2021


Since when I opened the contest page I felt that I wanted to sculpt every single character that Giuseppe Di Stasio designed!!!! His job is just Amazing! than when I saw DR Zarkov I fell in love, I love French Bulldogs, they are so funny especially when they "smile".  

I couldn't help it, they are just so hilarious I started enjoying the project since the beginning, also I am not very familiar with the dog anatomy so I starting to gather many references of French bulldogs, with different poses and expression.  

My next step was to import aside reference Picture into photoshop so to draw the main shapes to use in Z-brush.


After the block out I Zremeshed the main shapes and I worked my way on refining the shapes, still I didn't start detailing I would say I am on the second phase of my sculpting, where I stablish the second forms of my model.   

Now it is time for the accessory references!!!!

After the second phase f my sculpting I started the hard surface modeling of the out fit. This is a quick screenshot of the googles.