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Spite: Drowned Souls

Spite: Drowned Souls

An action RPG, inspired by Diablo 3, developed over the course of 14 weeks by students at The Game Assembly Malmö.

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Spite: Drowned Souls is a action RPG heavily inspired by Diablo 3.

You play as a young witch doctor on a mission to rid a swamp of its curse. The character has access to three different abilities, but you soon unlock a second form and with that three additional abilities. Throughout the story the character levels up, earning experience points through killing enemies and uses those points to enhance their abilities.

The world has three different parts, a swamp, a village and an old temple. The temple acts as a hub for the player and it is also there the player continues the story by interacting with an NPC posing as a trapped elder of the local people. This is delivered through the use of in-game cinematics and dialogue. 

The cursed swamplands are inhabited by five different types of enemies, ranging from possessed villagers to hulking treefolk and swarming leeches. Each of the enemies combat the player's abilities, forcing them to use the terrain and their two forms to counter them. The experience culminates with a three-phased boss battle with the awakened god, Grangou.

We utilized Unity as a level editor, exporting the levels to our own in-house engine, Monostein.

The engine and the game were both developed over the course of 14 weeks.

Download the game here:

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