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Daniel Douch – 3D Generalist

Daniel Douch – 3D Generalist

Daniel Douch
by danieldouch on 31 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

A collection of my 3D modelling work. This includes renders, turntables, breakdowns, and a bit of design work.

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About me

I am a 3D modeller aspiring to work in the animation and games industries through creative 3D modelling and design. 3D modelling provides me with a fantastic way to make my ideas a reality. I have a real appreciation for good design and love to create things that make people smile.

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Character Design: Steeban

Using an old sketch I had done years ago, I decided to create a 3D sculpt of the character. This was a great exercise in learning to use some of the features of ZBrush, as well as sub-surface scattering in Arnold and generating a bit of hair using XGen.

Created with Maya, Arnold, Zbrush, Substance Painter, and Photoshop.

Credit: All work for this project created by me.

Unnamed Specimen 2

I have always had a fascination for creatures with such a striking appearance that they seem too good to be real. They are brightly-coloured, bioluminescent, they have thousands of eyes, or thousands of holes. They draw you in with curiosity, yet something tells you it's not a good idea to touch them.

Created with Maya, Arnold, Substance Painter, and Photoshop.

Credit:  Rock model by Namabenama. All other work in this project created by me.

Snail Creature

The requirement of this brief was to create a 3D character model based on an existing character design to be suitable in a video game, with a polycount of 15,000 or less.

I decided to base my character on a design by silverfox5213 on DeviantArt. I also designed a pedestal for the character to sit on and rendered a final A3 poster and turntable video. The final mesh of the character (not including pedestal) has a polycount of 7976, and has several texture maps to give the impression of a more complex mesh.

This assignment strengthened my skills in modelling using quads (were possible) and UV mapping/unwrapping. This assignment also taught me about how you can give the impression of a higher poly model, by transferring normal maps from a high-poly mesh back onto a low-poly one.

Created with Maya, Mudbox, and Photoshop.

Credit: Character design is by silverfox5213. All other work in this project created by me.

Omtanke Mug

The Omtanke Mug is a conceptual mug design, aimed to address several issues with the most common form of mug that you see today (the typical cylinder with a handle attached). 'Omtanke' means 'careful consideration' in Swedish.

Created with Maya, Arnold, and Photoshop.

Credit: All work in this project created by me.

Boarding Action gun asset

Based on a concept design by Tekka-Croe, I created a low-poly 3D model of a gun as would be typical of an asset for video games. The intention of this project was to have practice creating an asset from someone else' design, to learn Substance Painter, and to get experience bringing out the most amount of detail possible in a model with light geometry.

Created with Maya, Arnold, Substance Painter, Iray, and Photoshop.

Credit: Asset design by Tekka-Croe. All other work in this project created by me.

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