Grace Liu - A Year's Journey

Grace Liu - A Year's Journey

Grace Liu
by grape on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hello, I'm Grace! For the past year, I've been working hard on improving my craft, and I'm excited to be able to share a compilation of various concept art, character design, and illustration projects. Thank you for taking a look at my work!

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The Legend of Sun Moon Lake

Inspired by mother's childhood memories dancing and singing with the indigenous people of Taiwan, The Legend of Sun Moon Lake is a personal passion project that is currently in the works. Based on the folklore Sun Moon Lake, the two siblings Ri and Yue must work together to confront the dragons that have stolen the sun and moon from the sky and bring balance back to nature. I'm excited to share concept work for the sisters!

Demon Ezreal

A passion project I've been working on over several months-- a skin design for Demon Ezreal! With his newfound power, he raids the depths of hell in search of relics to add to his collection. Big thanks to Natalie Pellmann and Nick Oei for design feedback and Megan O'Rourke for splash feedback.

I was thinking about different directions to imagine a demonized Ezreal and ended up going with the biker style.

Kneph: The Desert Fairy

Another passion project done over several months-- a fan champion for League of Legends! A quiet Shuriman child finds his inner voice with the help of a cursed mask, roaming all over Runeterra in search of new friends and sights. Thank you Megan O'Rourke for your guidance throughout this project!

Abilities Exploration - Inspired by Rakan, Thresh, and a medley of other champions, Kneph is a utility support with mobility and long range reach. He builds connections with others by fortifying ally relationships and befriending enemies.

A "biggest fan" thank you gift for Megan and everyone who has helped me along the way!

Origins Kai

The "Origins Kai" project investigates a young surfer named Kai learning the art of traditional Maori poi with the guidance of his spirit guardian Manaia. Special thanks to Julian Futanto (joofoot) for feedback!

A Rift in Summer

An isekai project made during a mentorship--- 3 kids make the best of their summer vacation at grandpa's house but suddenly find themselves teleported to a strange world...

Star Seekers

The original goal was to create an illustration on the theme of "Skies, Space, and Stars" for the Clip Studio Paint 24th International Illustration Contest, but I decided to challenge myself and create a more in-depth concept project designing a character, prop, and environment. My character Moxie is a "starling", AKA a "star seeker" in training. Star seekers are a nomadic space tribe that seeks shooting stars to acquire wishes for those in need. These shooting stars vary in speed/direction and shoot into space from different kinds of flowers.

Star seekers all have their own method of capture. Moxie's special weapon is Nova, the magic broom. Nova is known for its speed, lightness, and explosive power. Combined with Moxie's nimble frame, the duo soar through the skies seeking all kinds of stars.

Cosmic Dreamer Hatsune Miku

My costume design submission for HATSUNE MIKU EXPO 2021! Based on the song "Thousand Little Voices" by Vault Kid & Flanger Moose, I created "Cosmic Dreamer" Miku, a cross between comfy sleepwear and sleek spacesuits.

Star Seekers V.2

A project extending on the Star Seekers universe I created with Moxie and Nova. I had developed a variety of races that each have a different take on shooting stars. These explorations are focused on the human race. Thanks to scientific advancements, they wear powerful space suits that allow them to capture shooting stars for all kinds of purposes.

I imagined humans capturing shooting stars in parties. These concepts currently focus on 3 types of units - Star Cannoneer, Neutron Sniper, and Lance.

More Projects

Below are a collection of spin-off projects awaiting further explorations!

Tropical Blast

An experimental project merging beach and mecha!

Eternal Blossom Bounty Hunters

An assignment made during my mentorship: a rich Korean family of bounty hunters in the American Wild West.

Midnight Gala Murder

An assignment made during my mentorship: a murder mystery at a 1920s Paris gala featuring some party guests. Experimenting with a French style.

The Nutcracker

An assignment made during my mentorship: a re-design of the Nutcracker ballet in the style of the Soviet/Russian film The Snow Maiden (1952).

Sea Slug Guard

A sea slug guard inspired by Spanish Shawls for #mermay! I discovered a variety of nudibranch species recently and I want to create a bunch of vibrant fantasy characters.

Again, thank you for taking a look at my work! Comments and critique are welcome.

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