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The Blood and Hell series

The Blood and Hell series

Thim Willoqueaux AKA Thimmydraw
by ThimMyDraw on 30 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

I present to you my research boards for this mini concept

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My project is inspired by the concept of the typical Soul's like characters. With my concept, i want to share a wide range of styles through my boards. You will see by yourself that my inspiraions make my charcacters close to the dark fantasy universe.

First, you will see my two boards focused on the main character. As in many franchises you choose the genderof the character and have a multitude of equipement.

with that other equipment would be available

For the first boss, I chose to represent a dragon. I deliberately went for an oil painting style to make it striking

just below the conept board

for the second boss, I wanted to represent a rather mystical and scary person, hance the concept of the 3-faced queen. You can find here the creation process and the painting of this character until the final result.

After defeating the 3-faced queen you will arrive at the Place of Destruction : a key place in the game that brings you closer to the end and the final boss.

Then you will arrive in front of the final boss who holds the hero's heart.

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