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Shinsen is a graduation movie made by a group of students of the School ISART Digital Paris. Here the link in good quality : (it was deleted for color problems but now everything is fine )

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▶ We're really happy to introduce you to our movie, Shinsen !

We're a team of seven students and this is our graduation movie, we worked on it for almost two years, from pre-production to post-production.

We were lucky to work alongside music designers. They created all the music and sound effect of the movie.

• CG Team : Cécile ZWILLER, Emeline CORDIER, Aurélien SCHMITT, Omayla ARCINIEGA, Morgane PERIER, Fanny Le Fur, Paola GENTIL.

• Music & Sound Design Team : Quentin ADOUE, Valentin d'AUBUISSON, Johan BECART, Adrien DAUTEL, Pablo GOMEZ, Thilo GOZULA, Maxime HOAREAU, Adrien SESE.

Exhausted and starving, a samurai flees the battlefield. In the hope of regaining a bit of strength, he steals offerings from a mysterious statue.

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