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Art of Ceska Dullona

Art of Ceska Dullona

Ceska Dullona
by cskad on 30 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

A 2021 portfolio of Ceska Dullona, featuring character concept designs from university classes and personal designs and illustrations of original characters.

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Character Design: Angels and Demons

Angel and demon concept designs done for a character design class on the first semester during uni. For these characters, there is clear cultural inspiration based upon Japan, China and the Philippines. 

First Angel: Primarily inspired by the Ifugao/Igorot, his design is centered around the Earth element befitting of the mountainous regions the Ifugao primarily reside. I really wanted to emphasis his bulking figure with his tattoos.

Second Angel: This time, I created an elderly angel primarily inspired by the Chinese Qilin, with his clothing inspired by the hanfu. To keep consistency with the previous angel, the textures, colors and patterns remain reminiscent to the previous angel. 

"A Tango": An illustration featuring two of my characters, I wanted to portray their relationship as a amorous and playful rivalry between a playful and scheming demon and an angel who is more rigid and serious - likely aware of the demon's intentions.

Personal Pieces:

Some of my favourite artworks of my original characters, primarily of Daphne: a stone faced, sullen brawler and Shigeru Higanbana: a mysterious but carefree dandy who wanders around the world with his signature red umbrella.

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