Alexia Lovell - Rookies 2021 Entry

Alexia Lovell - Rookies 2021 Entry

Alexia (Lex) Lovell
by lexlovell on 30 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

A series of concept art pieces for various IP's. 3rd year students at Flinders University / CDW Studios

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A series of Character Concept pieces created for my own comic book IP. The comic follows a young race car driver 'Morgan' and her friends through good and bad times on and off the race course!

Carol Smith Concept 

Morgan 'Mad Dog' Gallant Concept

Hank King Concept

The character below was designed to be a part of a musical rhythm game which follows a small band who are  battling out against other bands across the globe to determine the worlds best band!

Ivory Cadence Concept

The following character was designed as a part of a collaborative project in at my university. This character is aimed to appear as a higher up Cartographer. Someone who you could expect to see in a high ranking job with dubious morality.

The following digital paintings were a part of a university project - The concept was the Exterior, Entrance Interior of a Sci-fi scrap shop.

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