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Sandra Belloso
by sandrabp95 on 31 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hi! Welcome to my little space, where you will find some images that I have been developing during a year of training in Architectural Visualization. I hope you like them!

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Alvar Alto

Designed by Alvar Aalto in 1949, the Town Hall is a study in opposition: elements of classicism and the monumental blend with modernity and intimacy to form a new cohesive focal point for the community. These and other aspects of the design initially proved divisive, and the City Council has not been without controversy since its inception.

I chose this project to develop it as a final master's project. I have always been attracted to the attention to detail of nordic architecture, and being able to convey those emotions was a personal challenge.

The environment, the materiality, the spaces, the atmosphere, the composition and the characteristic light, are strong points of the project that I have tried to reflect in the images.

The building is made of unvarnished red brick, a material rarely used in Finland, so it was novel, combined with dark wood, glass and copper details. Bricks were also used in some areas of the floor. The lock of the bricks is placed with enormous precision and accuracy and inside the glass and wood are arranged asymmetrically, composing a collage of different surfaces.

Aalto created a courtyard raised above ground level, filling in this area and covering it with grass. On the north side of it, underlining the asymmetry in the composition, he located a pool, perhaps evoking the lake that surrounds the island.

This small piazza is the organizing space of the complex and is linked to the outside by two staircases. The main ones are made of granite and give a solemn entrance to the complex. A wooden pergola defines the space and helps to give the entrance a human scale.

In summary, this work outlines the most notable characteristics of Aalto's architecture: the implantation and sensitive relationship with the natural environment, the studied handling of scale and proportions, the furniture design, the elaborate details, the care views, etc.

Work process




Finally I want to show a lighting study carried out on a very simple scene. The objective was to explore the different lighting options that 3DS Max has, simulating diffuse lights, clear skies with vegetal elements, as well as sunsets.

Thank you very much for visiting my space. I hope you have found my work interesting!

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