Character and Environment Concept Art

Character and Environment Concept Art

Francisco Heatley
by franciscoheatley on 27 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Various projects and studies done at university with a focus on showing narrative elements behind environment and characters. As well as this the refinement and understanding of renders and fundamentals pushing for different styles in my work to develop versatility within work.

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Personal Project: The Heroic Legend

This is my personal project created whilst at university with the brief in mind to create a series of characters that would serve to either be NPC’s or playable characters. These characters each have a class or specific purpose in mind, a heroic character such as Hercules working to either be playable or a brutish NPC, Small sprite elves that populate the cities, a guild member, guard and a samurai and Ronin based of the legendary Miyamoto Musashi. I had a lot of fun refining and developing my renders and characters within this project.

Environment Painting

Some recent work exploring environment painting for a Dracula competition and a personal project of mine. The aim for the snow scene was to create a piece encapsulating a snowy wasteland of which shows the passage of time over a fairground. Whereas the Dracula scene explores the generation of dark and foreboding atmosphere framing his castle and surroundings in a way which captures his Transylvanian home.  

Bloodborne Creature Entry

Here you can see some of my iterations for the Bloodborne competition ran by VaatiVidya of which I tried to generate some creature or afflicted human taken over by a parasite causing the flesh and skin of the host to be eaten and decay away. This parasite uses it host to transmit itself to any near by living organism having various effects on the host, as seen below with my designs. A competition I had a lot of fun designing these creatures for! 

DTIYS Challenge

A recent challenge I took part in to help my development of rendering style, line work produced by Ilya kuvshinov, the task itself was to render this character in your own style and approach. This was my take on the character and render

Render and style studies

Here I investigated developing my skill in rendering characters with influences from the styles I am drawn to the most trying to refine my painting abilities as well as my understanding of fundamentals. 

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