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Environment & Props by Louise Chan

Environment & Props by Louise Chan

Hello there! My name is Louise and I am really excited to enter The Rookies Awards 2021 with you guys! In the pass year I've been worked on several projects in the university (individual and personal). It's the time to manage what I've been done and recorded the journey of my game development in here. :)

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Nice to meet you!

My name is Louise and I'm studying at game development course from the University of Hertfordshire since 2019. Before I entered the university, I worked for the film production house in Hong Kong for 3 years. My job duty in the company was texturing, lighting and compositing. Afterward, I'm started to get interested low-poly modelling, texturing and lighting in real-time, that is the reason to me take action and want to rolling into the game industry.

Currently, I'm focused on improving my skills on the asset production pipeline for AAA studios. In this entry, I'm going to present four projects that I completed in pass of a year. 

Hong Kong Tenement | Environment Art

This is my first time to make environment art and I am joyful to play around with Unreal Engine4. The theme was inspired by Hong Kong Tenements, unique culture and history itself have a huge potential to make such horror and creepy scenario.

In this project, I aim for a general game workflow. This project is my first time learning how to make an environment art by searching tons of tutorials on the internet. During university, I've learnt in making game assets and a grey box. However, I'm seeking a chance to learn more about the workflow of building a whole environment.

Into The Deep | Props Present

It is a horror game trailer which was a group project in the university. The background of the story is a  scientist gets stranded on a planet by a tragic ship-wreck that has blocked him into a cave. I started to create a space ship layout and designed different shape as seems as a investigation ship. 

At the very first stage, I quickly block out the basic shape with the ship in zBrush. After a discussion with the peers, I twisted a bit on the shape and separated into different parts in order to easily managed as its a broken space ship. Once I finished the high detail sculpting and remeshed it by zremesher. Then textured in Substance Painter and set up in Marmoset.

(Some shoots included spaceship and small props)

Side Props For The Scene

It was fun to made stylised plants because I was always surprised by the output. When the concept art wasn't came up, I searched a lot gross eggs reference (like the on in Alien :P) on Pinterest, finally gathered some suitable photos and put my creative mind into the hanging eggs.

High Poly model were done by zBrush, lowpoly in Maya. Textured in substance painter. 

Concept Art 

Glowing mushroom and Mossy mushroom (Right side)was design by KatyMarie

You can also see more contents about " Into To The Deep" project below this link:

Fruit Cart

This was my first lowpoly model assignment in the University, it was a playground studio brief and help me a lot to figured out how's a good low-poly standard in the game asset. This was done to study the pipeline from Maya to Unreal Engine and knowledge of properly game modelling. 

That's it! Thank you so much to watch my projects I've done so far. See you guys in the next project! :)!

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