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Château d' Ardennes & Keppler Vintage Fan

Château d' Ardennes & Keppler Vintage Fan

Adam Dencker
by adamdencker on 24 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hello, I'm Adam. I'm a Props & Environment Artist currently studying at The Game Assembly. Welcome to my entry for The Rookie Awards 2021! This year I chose to include 2 of my most recent projects from the past 7 months: "Château d' Ardennes" and the "Keppler Vintage Fan". Enjoy!

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Château d' Ardennes

Inspired by Baroque architecture and Assassin's Creed Unity I chose to create a fictional Château located somewhere in the Ardennes. The project lasted for about 2 months halftime with a focus on modularity. Even though modularity was the focus, I also ended up learning a ton about lighting, composition and the various engine tools in Unreal.

The project started as an assignment over 3 weeks halftime at The Game Assembly. I then took the project a "small" step further for another 5 weeks halftime. The modules and accompanying materials (11'500 tris in total, texel density of 5,12px/cm^2), plant pots, benches and lampposts were made by me. All other assets are from Megascans, the Unreal Marketplace and Sketchfab.

Software used: Unreal Engine (rendering, composition), Maya (modeling), Substance Designer (tiling textures), ZBrush (edge decals), Substance Painter (prop texturing), Quixel Megascans (ground textures).

Keppler Vintage Fan

The Keppler Vintage Fan is a prop I made for the Aava Art Jam back in August of 2020. The theme was to create a prop or environment in the style of art deco. Rather than straight up copying an existing fan I chose to combine several fans from reference to make my own brand and model of fan. It was a great experience which made me evolve my texturing and hardsurface modeling skills a lot.

Softwares used: Maya (lowpoly and retopo), ZBrush (highpoly), Substance Painter (texturing), Marmoset Toolbag 3 (baking and rendering).

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