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2021 Entry  Eric Kossakowsky

2021 Entry Eric Kossakowsky

Eryk Kossakowski
by erickoss on 23 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

I'm self-thought artist.Six months ago I decidied to learn process of prop creation for games.This is my work I have done.

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A7B USSR Military Radio

My goal  for this project was to create photorealistic prop and make good presentation in UE4.

A-7B tactical FM radio station, used during the war at the level of battalion-regiment of the Red Army and the Polish Army to the post-war years. Yet it produced her 50s.

UV:4k resolution for radio and telephone receiver

uv space used: 82% with 10 px margin

texel density: 48px/cm

UV:4k resolution for box

uv space used: 91% with 10 px margin

texel density: 40,6px/cm

Submachine gun Mors wz39

I want to create FPS game weapon.

Submachine gun wz. 39 Mors (Mors is Latin for death, Polish for walrus). It was to have become the standard submachine gun of the Polish Army some time in the 1940s. However, its production was halted by the 1939 Invasion of Poland and World War II.

One 4k texture 

Around 13k tris

Military box was modeled and textured by me

Wall is made in quixel mixer

Render in Blender Eevvee and cycles

Washing Bin-Ben

Project made for polycount BI-monthly Challenge

Based on concept made by Lapo Roccella


Design based on BUCK KNIVES 

In this project I really focused on making a practical game ready asset and improve my texturing skills. 10994 Tris

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