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The art of Jesús Parras

The art of Jesús Parras

Jesus Parras Chica
by jesusparras on 31 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

My name is Jesús Parras and this is my entry to join the Rookies 2021 contest. I am participating with some projects which I have been working on during this last year. I hope that you enjoy now as much as I did while creating them!

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This was my last project done while taking the Master's Degree in Advanced 3D Production at Animum Creativity Advanced School. I was provided with the character and the animation and I created the full background, clothes, shading and lighting. After I completed an Advanced Lighting Course in the same school, I applied the new knowledge acquired to improve on the lighting and get a final version.  

I am responsible for all the CG aspects: the full background, layout, grooming, clothes, texture, lookdev and lighting. The animation was made by Character Animator Samuel Gonzalez Orta.

This next scenes are lighting projects that I created during the Lighting Advance Course in Maya and Arnold Renderer at Animum Creativity Advanced School. These pieces of work are inspired in scenes from movies that I love and inspire me like “Moonlight”, "Maleficient", "Stoker".

I am responsible for the lighting in "Sleeping bee" and "Paris environment different mood" and all CG aspects in "Don't look at me", "Stoker" and "Awimbawe": the full background, layout, cameras, clothes, texture, lookdev and lighting. The animation was made by  Character Animators Fatima Tamayo (Don't look at me), Eric Siles Navarro (Stoker) and Rodrigo Custodio (Awimbawe).

This is my last personal project. I chose to make a version in 3D of the painting Vessenots en Auver by Vincent van Gogh, because he is one of my favorite painters, from whom I learned a lot.   

For some time, I had been willing to create a visual-art 3D piece of work,  using something similar to strokes in paintings. I am very happy with the result and I will most surely follow this path from time to time.

Here is a list of the software that I used:

Maya | Substance Painter | XGen | Arnold | Photoshop | Nuke | After Effects | Marvelous Designer | ZBrush | Premier Pro

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