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Look Development Portfolio

Look Development Portfolio

Suzanne Lokker
by Suzanne on 6 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

These are some of the works I did for my texturing/look development demo reel. All these projects had their own unique challenges and I definitely learned a lot that I will be able to apply to future projects!

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Marnie's Room:

A personal project I've been working on to practice my look dev and lighting skills.
Responsible for all aspects except for the pillow, blanket, and character (base)models.
The character model is a modified version of the Rain rig, courtesy of the Blender Foundation


An updated version of an older model I made for a school project. Nightvision is a vampire superhero!
Responsible for all aspects.


A detailed look dev and groom for a character portrait.
Responsible for look dev, grooming, lighting
The model is a slightly modified version of the Malcolm character courtesy of

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