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Digital Entertainment Academy

Rainbow Academy represents a ground-breaking innovation in the Italian learning system. Practice and production are its key elements, in line with international market demands – an approach that allows our students to join big companies easily with the know-how necessary to deal with reality and deadlines. The aim of the system is to establish a working method that creates true professionals – a fundamental feature for the artistic and technical growth of our students.

Countries: Italy

Location: Campus

Industries: Visual Effects Game Design & Development Concept Art & Illustration

Software: 3ds Max Adobe Creative Suite Adobe Photoshop Nuke Unity Unreal Engine

Programs: Bachelor Degree


3d Digital Production – Master In 3d Animation, Visual Effects And Videogames

The course engages the students in the experience of all the stages of a production: from modeling, texturing and the shading of materials, the rigging of characters and props, to the animation itself, the making of Visual Effects in the studio, the Lighting techniques and digital compositing with Nuke; the most important and most internationally used software.

Master in Game Assets

Our course in Videogame Assets forms professional and specialized 3D Artists and Digital Sculptors for the gaming field. Our Master in Game Assets is aimed at those who, inside the complex production workflow, who want to work in the production stage of creating 3d models of characters, environments and props, which constitute the visual world of videogames.

The educational path of Game Art 3D teaches the advanced techniques of modeling (low poly and high poly) of characters and environments for Videogames by means of professional software like Autodesk Maya and Zbrush. The next step sees the creation of texture in Photoshop and surfacing in Substance Painter and Substance Designer, followed by the rigging module. Our students learn how to handle the import of assets rendered in Marmoset Toolbag inside the real-time rendering engines, Unity and Unreal Engine.

Master in Game Production

Our Master in Game Production is a professional path focused on Videogame production and aimed at those who are willing to turn their passion for videogames into a concrete career opportunity. Our Course in Game Production teaches all the stages of videogame production: from game design to programming, from Virtual Reality to Augmented Reality, with the release of the finalized videogame once finished, and the study of the marketing and cash conversion techniques that will make the product competitive in the gaming industry.

After a year of professional formation, our students will have gained the theoretical knowledge and technical competences to make a videogame from scratch.

Master in Digital Concept Art

The Master in Concept Art is for all those who are attracted to traditional drawing, who have artistic skills and want to approach the new techniques of 2D design and colouring in Photoshop. From an idea of Rainbow CGI’s Art Director, Vincenzo Nisco, who has a 15-year-long experience at Disney Australia, the course aims to create a link between classical tradition and international production techniques.

All our teachers, a team of esteemed professionals, lead the students step by step through the process of making and finalizing characters, props and environments useful in the industry of Entertainment, Animation and Videogames.

The aim of this course is the formation of a professional dedicated to 2D graphics able to operate in any entertainment production field from cinema to videogames, and the world of graphics in general, after experiencing a production workflow that leads to the creation of a final portfolio,that promotes the student’s technical and artistic skills.

Master in 3D Architectural and Design

The Master in 3D Architecture and Design is a complete course that forms Professionals of 3D Architectural Visualization. The course in Digital Architecture is for architects and architecture students, surveyors and designers who want to specialize in the creation of photorealistic rendering. Our goal is to form professionals who are autonomous in the management of 3D photorealistic visualization of both interior and exterior designs.

Students learn to manage the entire production workflow in order to meet the deadlines and results agreed on with the client: from the analysis of the architectural project to the photography and composition, from 3D modeling for architecture and design in 3DS Max to the basic principles of optimal lighting and rendering in V-Ray. The final stages of the course show how to add vegetation to the scene using Forest Pack, followed by compositing and post-production with Photoshop. All of which provides key knowledge to the achievement of high levels of Photorealism in the finalized project.

The didactic programme alternates theoretical lessons with practice sessions, during which the students are closely followed by their teachers in order to optimize the workflow and the production time.

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