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Witch Hunter Carriage | Gypsy Influence

Witch Hunter Carriage | Gypsy Influence

Guilherme Marconi
by guimarconi on 23 Jan 2020

This is a study of a 3D model carriage with Gypsy influence for game. It is also a lab with Unreal and MegaScan.

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Hi people !
It is the result of some study I´m dedicating my time last months.

It was very exciting and gratifying to study pipeline to games. I discovered how powerfull can be the Blender, and confirm that it is always incredible to work with Substance Painter.

This was my first contact with Unreal Engine, and I have discouvered how powerfull and funny is to use this, it was so good.

Some times it was very hard and I almost gave up, but when I reach the result it was really gratifying.

Inspired in Xavier Ward concept -

Witch Hunter Carriage | Scene

Witch Hunter Carriage | Studio

Real time Capture | Details

High Poly

Influence MoodBoard

Blockout | Blender

Substance Painter and Unreal - Overview

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