Magician's Studio

Magician's Studio

Salvatore Gambino
by salgam93 on 12 Mar 2019

A mystical Art Nouveau Studio with a perfect balance of hard surface and organic shapes in a harmonious environment. The main goal of this project is the achievement of complex shapes through a modular approach, with the repetition of assets being broken up through lighting and the addition of minor elements.

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Artstaion main page project:

80 Level interview "Crafting a Magician's Studio Environment in UE4":

Trough Substance Designer and Painter, I've built up the materials in scene and textures all the heroo props. such as Lanterns, Stain Glasses etc..


Most of the environment it is been built, with a contained amount of modules. Foliage and little props break the repetition of the major assets.  

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