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Mario Stojanov
by MarioStojanov on 29 Mar 2024

I was the lead on the creation of a Deadwood-inspired horror western town, collaborating closely with my colleagues throughout its development.

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Deadwood is an environment I created with some help from my colleagues for a pack for M3DS Academy which you can find in the Epic Store. All props are made from scratch using Maya, Zbrush, and Substance Painter. The materials were made in Substance Designer. The vegetation in Tree it. And finally, all combined and put together within Unreal Engine.

All of the following renders are from in-game. Starting from the exterior. Along with all the buildings there are also carts, a hanging post, a well, lighting posts made with blueprints for different lighting styles. The ground is made out of multiple ground materials mixed with landscape blending.

The following ones are from the interior of the buildings. There are many presets like the Sheriff's office, General goods store, Church, and many different house types. Along with hundreds of meshes filling out the insides of the buildings. Also, the houses are built with a modular kit that I made with an adjustable Substance 3D Designer material with loads of properties to change for variation.

The subsequent images display the modular kit utilized in constructing the buildings which can be seen in the previous images. There are different types and sizes of every piece so that you can construct buildings to your liking as did I.

Here is a display of the material and it's variations used to create the textures for the modular parts of the buildings.

Next up is a display of the unique huge and big props created and used in the environment. They are static meshes created to fit the style of the modular kit.

Here are the props used all around the interiors and exteriors all having variations in different aspects. Starting from different types of containers, furniture, signs, posters, tools, kitchenware, weapons, bones, wagons, unique assets, and a bunch of blueprints with adjustable properties.

Here we have the foliage and decals as well as the materials used on the landscape and the triplanar materials. Which are also made to be adjustable within unreal through the substance plugin.

The materials are easily adjustable in color, pattern type, pattern color, background color, pattern size, and many more properties.

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