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Unreal Engine 5: Lakeside Respite

Unreal Engine 5: Lakeside Respite

Artsiom Yarashchuk
by GOODvinD on 21 Mar 2024

Medieval lakeside environment created in Unreal Engine 5.3 with help of Quixel Megascans assets. Tent model is from Sketchfab. Created as a school project at Futuregames Warsaw. Real-time interactive environment utilizes Lumen and Nanite workflow with virtual textures and DLSS 3.5 with enabled frame generation.

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Lakeside Respite is a school project made using Unreal Engine 5. It showcases a medieval environment, enriched with Quixel Megascans assets. The primary objective was to construct a game-ready environment employing essential engine tools.

I utilized Landscape and Foliage tools to initially create the terrain and further populate it with rocks, vegetation, trees, and debris.

In terms of lighting I used Lumen, while Nanite was utilized for optimization purposes. Additionally, a custom layered landscape material was created to enhance the visual fidelity of the environment.

Moreover, an interactive firepit blueprint was integrated, featuring a UI popup upon player proximity and enabling fire control through key inputs.

I have also utilized DLSS 3.5 functionality with frame generation to improve the performance. It reliably increased FPS without any noticeable quality drop.

In addition, I have created a volumetric fog material that is applied to a box over the lake to hide repetition of water surface and give extra depth to environment. 

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