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Chappie Walk - VFX Study

Chappie Walk - VFX Study

Pietro Lopez Bernardi
by pietrolb on 7 Mar 2024

This is a little VFX Lighting/Compositing study I did on my free time to enhance my VFX skills. Plate shot on an iPhone 13. Chappie model by: SQUIR3D -

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🎞 Hey everyone! I wanted to share a VFX study I've been working on during my free time. While applying for various Lighting Artist positions, I noticed a significant reluctance from VFX studios to hire a Lighting Artist with a strong Animation portfolio. I've received several tips on enhancing the VFX aspect of my portfolio, so here is the first of these studies, with more to come.

For this project, I recorded a plate with my iPhone 13 and envisioned adding a CGI robot walking down the garage. Fortunately, I found an amazing model by SQUIR3D, and I'll leave a link below to his model on Sketchfab. My objective in this initial study was to match the plate and make it feel seamless. Using Renderman, I managed to achieve a good result quickly and then made some minor adjustments in comp

SQUIR3D Chappie model -

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