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Transformers: Jazz

Transformers: Jazz

Sebastien Puiatti
by spuiatti on 22 Feb 2024

I wanted to make Jazz from Transformers: Fall of Cybertron like if it was for a hybrid 2D/3D animated series.

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I though making a "hand painted TV show style" Transformer would be cool, and did the modeling / sculpting, surfacing, rigging and small idle animation. The modeling of Jazz is based on the concept by Billy King for High Moon Studio "Fall of Cybertron" (2012): 

One of the goal was making the character fit for animation, with the functional aspect being the most challenging part of the concept to model translation. The priority was maxizing range of motion while avoiding clipping or bending of hard parts, and staying as close as possible to the model sheet. 

Another challenge was obtaining the hand paint feel for a mostly metallic character. A hand painted base texture (left) was mixed with a hand painted metal layer (middle) through a fresnel effect for the final result (right).

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