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The Carpenter of the Sea

The Carpenter of the Sea

Nicolás Lomelín Lares
by NicolasLomelin on 26 Jan 2024

Duties: Modeling, Uv's, Baking, Texturing, Materials Creation, LookDev, Lighting, Rendering, and Post Production. Concepts by Andrzej Dybowski. Challenge: Create a 3D real-time environment based on 3 concepts. Special thanks to Dan Mihaila and Oana Galan (Mentors). Developed at Think Tank Online. Hope you like it!

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Cinematic Video

Final Shot 1

Final Shot 2

Final Shot 3

Final Shot 4

Final Shot 5

Final Shot 6

Final Shot 7

Final Shot 8

Final Shot 9

Final Shot 10

Final Shot 11

Final Shot 12

Final Shot 13

Final Shot 14

Final Shot 15

Final Shot 16

Architecture Kit

Props Kit

Trim Sheets

Shot 1 and 2 Breakdowns

Shot 3 and 4 Breakdowns

Shot 5 and 6 Breakdowns

Shot 7 and 8 Breakdowns

Shot 9 and 10 Breakdowns

Shot 11 and 12 Breakdowns

Shot 13 and 14 Breakdowns

Shot 15 and 16

Props: Harpoon Gun A + Wire

Props: Harpoon Gun B + Wire

Props: Rambo Knife + Wire

Props: Electro-Voice Microphone + Wire

Props: Hammarlund Radio A + Wire

Props: Hammarlund Radio B

Props: Manual Drill A + Wire

Props: Manual Drill B + Wire

Props: Coleman Lamp + Wire

Props: Electric Motor A + Wire

Props: Electric Motor B + Wire

Props: Dreamcatcher + Wire

Props: Industrial Tripod + Wire

Props: Swivel Base Bench Vise A + Wire

Props: Swivel Base Bench Vise B + Wire

Props: Desk Lamp + Wire

Props: Industrial Chair + Wire

Props: Carpenter's Table + Wire

Props: Desk + Wire

Props: Sofa A/B

Materials: Ceiling

Materials: Floor

Materials: Pipes A

Materials: Pipes B

Materials: Plastic

Materials: Ship

Materials: Wall A

Materials: Wall B

Materials: Dirt and Rust

Concepts: Main, Support A

Concepts: Support B, 3D Quality Goal

Tools and Special Thanks

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