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Selene's Temple

Selene's Temple

Camille Paquin
by Kamiye on 15 Jan 2024

Recently took an Art Test for Balio Studio, and basically decided it would be fun to try and make something I never really did before: hand paint a whole environment/a whole diorama.

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I decided to go for a thermal bath/Selene temple where Selene’s purification rythe could take place.

Selene is the Greek Goddess of the Moon.

Selene has multiple symbols: the willow, white poppies, wall flower (small orange flowers), white candles,... Which I choose to use in the composition.

Note : some lights are excluded from the Marmoset preview due to performance issues

Even if I didn't get the job, I ended up learning a lot about foliage, hand painting materials,...

And after 3 days of work, a review from Marie-Laure Bourgois (thank you very much for your advices and kindness) from Balio Studio, and some more tweaking, I ended up with this piece.

Quick concept art of what I wanted the diorama to look like.

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