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Old NikonSP - Hero prop

Old NikonSP - Hero prop

by TanjaDoes3D on 10 Jan 2024

With this project I decided to create a game ready prop and improve my understanding of modelling, texturing and rendering workflows. I chose a vintage NikonSP camera since I found the look of it to be very interesting and pretty. I hope you like my project, feel free to tell me what you think!

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Above you can see the final renders of the camera. I used Marmoset to set up the scene, creating the lighting and rendering.

I tried to keep the polycount low and the model optimized. I created a highpoly and baked it into a Normal Map and AO usign Substance Painter. The models itself were created in 3DS Max (for modelling) and Maya (for UV's). The textures were created using Substance Painter.

I used a 4k Texture Set for the model to achieve a high Texel Density. The textures above do not include the separate smaller Texture Set I used for creating the glass of the lens.

Overall I'm happy with how the end result turned out. While there is still a lot of room for improvement, especially in the renderings, I feel like I was able to deepen my understanding for modelling and texturing. I enjoyed working in Substance Painter a lot and I am excited to create more Prop projects in the future! As always I want to thank everyone who supported me with feedback throughout this project !

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