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#WeeklyDrills 086 - NerfBlaster

#WeeklyDrills 086 - NerfBlaster

Tom Römer
by tomroemer on 27 Sep 2023

I used Blender to model, unwrap, light and render and Substance Painter to create the textures. To add more surface details to the model, I used alpha textures and anchor points to add dirt and dust into the crevices.

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I was mainly inspired by the "Nerf Elite 2.0 Commander RD-6 Blaster", but I also wanted to give it a look similar to the Wingman from Apex Legends.
To achieve that, I made some modifications to the front of the blaster, changed the trigger, added a few small details such as cables, and included a sight.

My other inspiration where these artworks by Sam Leung.

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