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Jade Dragon

Jade Dragon

Jasmijn Decuyper
by jasmijn on 19 Sep 2023

Sculpting practice of a jade dragon statuette.

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I wanted to practice my sculpting and decided to make a jade dragon. I've named my website Jade and I've always liked the intricate Japanese jade statuettes so figured that would be a good subject! I've tried to find the balance between not too difficult and just difficult enough for me to learn from it, and this worked perfectly. At first I found sculpting and Z-Brush really daunting but over time I've learned to like it and now I love it! I'm working on becoming much better at it in the future.

For texturing I made a jade material in Substance Designer. I used it as a base material and added details to it in Painter. In the future I'd like to make it into a smart material.

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