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Misunderstood monsters

Misunderstood monsters

Amandine Rul
by AmandineRul on 18 Sep 2023

I'm a real fan of horror movies and scary video games, which inspired me this project which is about terrible mutilations or flesh deformations. I was influenced by the "body horror" cinematographic genre, such as "The Thing" or "Eraserhead", but I added a little "Victorian era" setting.

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I wanted to combine a young boy with cruel prostheses, probably mutilated by a mad surgeon. His absence of eyeball and hair was decided in order to dehumanize him further

This design is extremely inspired by the bestiary of "Alice Madness Returns". His long legs make him capable of running fast and far.

This creature has a full stomach, but no one knows the exact nature of this swelling. This protuberance prevents these organs and his skeleton from positioning properly inside his body

I wanted to draw a woman with an abnormally deformed spine, which prevents her from standing up properly. However her claws make her an obvious threat.

The idea behind this concept is that she has to drag herself to the strength of her arms, because she has no lower limbs

The White Triplets are three embryos who have fused, with a spider-like silhouette.

Inspired by "The White Lady" from the movie "scary stories to tell in the dark". She produces no sound, except the noise of blood beading on the floor.

I wanted to work on a texture of a demon's skinned flesh. Although it moves on all fours, it can occasionally straighten to appear more imposing.

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