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Mech Scene

Mech Scene

Tadeusz Małecki
by TadeuszMalecki on 28 Jul 2023

I wanted to challenge myself by creating an improved mech/robot model that would also be optimized for animation, it has a total triangle count of 100,012

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The Last Defense

Here are some additional pics of the scene-

The mech model featured is of my own design, this project was a way to see if I could make a cool scene for it, and I think that I managed to achieve that goal.

I have also made some additional pictures of the model-

I also created some extra textures-

Fictional information regarding the model-

The mech is a LBAGP Mk 81- Light-Bipedal-Armored-Gun-Platform it is a fully autonomous infantry fighting UGV designed to specifically provide supporting fire for infantry in rapid ground assaults. Although this UGV model excels in fighting enemy infantry it is extremely vulnerable to any kind of anti armor weapons as it's armor was only meant to resist low caliber rifle fire and even with the armor upgrade package it is only capable of stopping extremely outdated anti tank missiles. Just as it's armor the LBAGP's twin auto-cannons are sufficient for anti personnel tasks but are almost completely incapable of damaging armored vehicles or other UGV's possessing higher levels of kinetic protection.

The LBAGP Mk 81 is one of the most popular defense products manufactured by Malecki Industries, currently it is the corporation's most mass produced UGV type due to it's low cost and easy upkeep, it has been called the "AK 47 of UGV's "as it has been in use in almost every modern conflict, sometimes even used by both opposing sides.

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