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Chill Hotel - Projection Mapping

Chill Hotel - Projection Mapping

Francisco Gabriel Arbert
by franciscocgi on 15 Jun 2023

This is Hotel Chill. A 3D piece created to practice modelling, rendering and camera projections. First, I recreated part of the hotel picture in 3D using the method of camera projection with Autodesk Maya. Hope you like it!

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This is Hotel Chill. It is a piece that I originally created to practice 3D texturing, but later it became an assignment for the VFX postgraduate course I was taking, combining it with a camera projection of a hotel.

I modeled the tray, plant with its pot, coffee cup, and coasters using Autodesk Maya. To achieve authenticity, I took reference photos and added texture using Substance Painter. Finally, I used Arnold to create a turntable animation, (DonĀ“t mind the shader error on the leafs haha)

For camera projection, I used an image of a hotel ("Night City Skyline View" by logoboom) and separated it into pieces in Photoshop. This included separating the glass reflections and city in the background to improve the projection's appearance.
To generate another angle for the shot, I relocated a new camera instance and added glass textures. An image was also used to fake the reflection of the room.

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