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A Fox and two Robots walks into a bar...

A Fox and two Robots walks into a bar...

Théo Bérail
by TheoBerail on 14 Jun 2023

A four minutes 3D animated short film with an original story.

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A Fox and two Robots walks into a bar...

(Renard ne Meurt Jamais)

Autodesk Maya, Viewport 2.0, RenderMan, Gimp, Audacity, HitFilm Express

This is the last animation project of the first year at ESMA. We were given a map created by the teacher Guillaume Amauger : a LEGO Star Wars set.

For the characters, we could import any model we used during the year, from the fox-squirrel to Ballie, or create our own.

The demand was to animate a short film of 480 frames minimum. At least 4 different shots. Use the jump, walk and running cycles.

Absolute artistic freedom.

I wanted to tell the story of a red fox who is suddenly hunted by two bounty hunter robots in a space saloon.

I worked to create beautiful shots and breathtaking action sequences.


Voice acting and modifying


The design of the robots is inspired by the motion picture Tommy directed by Ken Russell in 1975.

I used Ballie for the legs.

Wanted notice on Gimp

The font used is Agreloy By GlukFonts



Audio Editing


Thank you for watching !

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