Deadly Gameshow

Deadly Gameshow

Albert Padilla Cobo
by Aral750 on 30 May 2023

Deadly Gameshow is my first LipSync animation, it portrays a very energetic game host in charge of a gameshow which has an evil twist.

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Animation is a vital aspect to make characters unique, with their own personality and quirks; to make a connection with the audience, making them laugh, cry, or to sympathise with them. 

I am a 3D Character Animator with a passion and drive to bring all these qualities to characters, an animator who doesn’t give up, always looking for new personalities to portray.

This is my first Lipsync shot Deadly Gameshow. This animation has been a challenge and so much fun to work on. Working on shots like this has made me improve so much in animation, and made me love animating even more.

I hope you enjoyed my animation!

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