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Star Guardian Kai'Sa (2021/22)

Star Guardian Kai'Sa (2021/22)

Amelia Pegrum
by AmeliaIP on 18 May 2023

My League of Legends Star Guardian skinline thematic fan concept for the champion Kai'Sa.

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Star Guardian Kai'Sa concepts from 2022

I decided to create a Star Guardian theme as this is one of my favourite skin lines in the game. I have been craving a cute-sy skin for Kai'Sa so I can match with my cute supports such as Lulu, Soraka, Janna etc.

I struggled a lot regarding her readability as Kai'Sa and despite wanting to lean away from the purple-void colour theme it just fit her too well, with that I decided to keep her facial markings and adjust them to her star guardian style so her face would be easily readable as Kai'Sa!

Her familiar was inspired by the now-retired item Zz'Rot Portal, which spawned these cute little voidlings/voidspawns.

I hope you like it!

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