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Work I did for iCare

Work I did for iCare

Matdawna Alice Juliana Jn Philipp
by MatJ on 3 Apr 2023

A short album of my contributions to the short film iCare by Bruno Urzi, with support from tutors at Escape Studios.

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iCare - My Contributions

This is a showcase of all the work I did for the short film iCare by Bruno Urzi (2023)!

Character Design

The lynchpin of this character's design was cute, friendly and approachable - taking inspiration from the Eilik desktop buddy among other characters such as EVE from Wall-E. With that in mind, I set off to start sketching up some concepts. It was essential that our little robot buddy was still small and cute, while also not being too short-limbed - especially as this can lead to difficulties in animating interactions with props if the limbs are too short.

Final Design

Technical Art (Face Rig)

Out of all the face rigs I've made, this has been possibly the most tedious to troubleshoot but the most rewarding to watch working of them all - largely as its appearance is powered by a MASH network. This is the first time I've fully utilised MASH, especially in the context of rigging and technical art. Pictured here are some demonstrations of the face rig working in Maya - with footage of the curves that power the MASH network.


Below are the shots that I worked on for the short film - these were fun to work on!

Not much else to say here! This is everything!

Check out the full project page here

Watch the Short Film here!

Massive thanks to the team and to our tutors at Escape Studios for supporting us through this project!

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