iCare | Student Short Film - Escape Studios

iCare | Student Short Film - Escape Studios

iCare tells the story of a care robot who looks after an elderly woman, played by Sara Wilson-Soppitt. The short was directed by Bruno Urzi and produced by Alex Sellen.

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Storyboard by Jane Williams

Character Concepts done by Matdawna Jn Philipp | Robot Model done by Jake Roberts

Body Rig by Sebastian Petre | Face MASH Rig by Matdawna Jn Philipp

"Wiktor" Removal by Bruno Urzi   |   SH0080 Breakdown by Jane Williams   | Photogrammetry by Gino Demurtas 

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iCare was created at Escape Studios and was a collaboration between animation and VFX Students.


Sara Wilson-Soppitt as Lonely Lady

Featuring Paul Harrison as Picture of Dead Husband

Director | Bruno Urzì

Producer | Alex Sellen

Assistant Director | Alex Sellen

Assistant Producer | Bruno Urzì

Casting | Bruno Urzì

Script Supervisor | Alex Sellen

Lead Animator | Wiktor Brodowski

Riggers | Matdawna Jn Philipp, Sebastian Petre

Animators | Matdawna Jn Philipp, Sebastian Petre, Noemie Lafrontiere, Jessa Timog-Santiago

2D Lead | Jane Williams

2D Artists | Bruno Urzì, Andy Ramlika

3D Lead | Jake Roberts

3D Artists | Gino Demurtas, Owen Manley

Scanning Lead | Gino Demurtas

Director of Photography | Clement Gharini

Score Composer | Lorenzo Pelli

Sound FX & Foley | Marco Giannini

VFX Editor | Bruno Urzì

Special Thanks To | Paul Harrison, Sokratis Synitos, Sagar Rathod, Steven Lall, Clement Gharini, Michael Davies, Alberto Scotti, Cheryl Chan, Emanuele Fava, Enrico Vaccari, Ivan Sorgente.

Along with feedback from ILM | Juani Guiraldes, Steven Godfrey, Davi Stein

Special Note to Sara Wilson-Soppitt for her acting contribution.

Filmed at Escape Studios

Software used | Shotgrid, Maya, Meshroom, Substance Painter, Arnold, 3DEqualizer, Nuke, DaVinci Resolve.

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