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The Crash

The Crash

Lorand Paltineanu
by lastroundmillennial on 13 Mar 2023

It is a one year old project that I created as the exam work of a course I took at Mesharray Digital Media School. It is full of mistakes but it is so cute I couldn’t resist posting it. Hope you like it regardless!

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First of all, thank You for being here and reading this little anecdote!

I would like to tell you about the circumstances amongst which this project was born. 

Last year I finished a 5 months long Maya course. Halfaw into the course we were offered the option to do a short film as our exams instead of the original single render of a still model with textures. We went for it…It seamed a little impossible regarding the fact that I had a not so robust macbook pro which since has passed away - God bless it and may it rest in peace - so I hope you can forgive me for the tremendous amount of mistakes in it. The title “The Crash” was inspired by Maya’s behaviour during this time.

Plus I made the sound design and music myself as well for that I am a hobby music poducer and sound designer.

Fun fact: the  tusken raider’s voice was made of donkey scream and leopard growling:D

The Crash

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