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Camphor Tree

Camphor Tree

Tarek Abdellatif
by tareklatif on 20 Jan 2023

A small vignette scene I did during a CGMA course "Vegetation and Plants for Games" under supervision of the great artist Jared Sabota My plan was to learn the vegetation and plants workflow for games by creating some south eastern Asian tropical plants and tree.

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UE5 screenshots

-Ivy branches mid poly created and layed out in Maya and Speedtree
-Tree Bark materials created in Substance Designer and Camphor Tree screenshot in speedtree.
-Assets gym, Fern and Grass meshes created in speedTree, the rest plants meshes created in Maya and Ivy mesh created around the tree in Maya.

Ivy Gourd plant- Painter iray Render and ZBrush BPR render.

Lindernia Crustacea or Malaysian false pimpernel a small plant.

Fern, the low poly meshes were created later in Speedtree using this Atlas.

Grass, High poly created in ZBrush using fiber mesh and some manual tweaking, the low poly meshes were created later in Speedtree using this atlas

Leafy ground plants

This plant is called Gymnema Inodorum

Camphor tree Leaves variations

Camphor tree branches variations created in speedtree

sped up video testing textures and playing with anchor points in painter to create a rotten leaf effect

sped up video to quickly show the sculpting process in Zbrush, I mostly used brushes like Trim Dynamic, Dam Standard, Inflate, Move, Standard, Pinch, Crumple, Blob, clay and clay buildup

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