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Randika Piyasena
by randikapiyasena on 20 Jan 2023

This was my submission for the ' Mission to Minerva ' KB3D Challenge held in 2022. I used Minerva Kitbash3d kit, Quixel Megascan Materials and the "Apocalypse" set from 'Big Medium Small' for the characters. This project was modelled in Cinema 4D, rendered in Octane, and post-production was done in Adobe Photoshop

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" In 2420, the NSA ( National Space Agency ) discovered the ' Minerva Galaxy ' which contains thousands of unexplored planets. ' VENDORIA - 8X ' is one of the terrestrial planets in this Minerva cluster. Exploration on this planet was handled by the ' Star Tech ' company and they have built a research and mining facility to mine ' Doaxium ', which is a potent alloy used as a hyperdrive fuel. While exploring this planet, a team of scientists stumbles across a very rare species of mycelium, that could potentially change human history..."

Thank you for watching..!!

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