Sector  B-11

Sector B-11

Randika Piyasena
by randikapiyasena on 3 Jan 2023

Done in 2022, for this project I wanted to study the cinematic camera angles, further into the object/character composition, depth of field, shadow side camera placement and lighting, and motivated lighting. The "Alien" film franchise inspired this.

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"In 2320, at Sector B-11 an anomaly was detected. A team of scientists was sent to investigate this and they came upon an abandoned Detorium (a rare mineral used for energy) mine. They found a functional, illegal scientific lab with research items. There was cryonics and one was broken, Further, into the tunnel, there were artificial eggs and machines that were built recently. But they didn't know that something was lurking in the shadows watching them and waiting..."

I used the "Apocalypse" set from 'Big Medium Small' for the characters, "Xeno " by glewindesign , "Cyborg" by Ploobert from Sketchfab. This whole project was modelled in Cinema 4D, rendered in Octane, and post-production was done in Adobe Photoshop.

Thank you for watching..!!

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