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Canon 814XL Electronic

Canon 814XL Electronic

Wim Lesy
by Wamborf on 27 Jul 2022

Here's a breakdown I made of my Canon 814XL project with the guidance of Think Tank Training Centre's assigned mentor Raffael Frank. The project I chose this to be was to make a photorealistic piece of an object I had laying around in my room, and I came accross this dusty old thing. I've done everything from a to z.

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Old skool/vintage inspired presentation.

BONUS: "Staub" - da_usii

A video from a buddy of mine who wanted to add physical dust to my project and ended up making a whole video! Couldn't be more stoked with what this ended up looking like! He made this whole project in Blender.

da_usii is his online handle (ig) if you wanna find him!

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