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Nike Shoe Visualization

Nike Shoe Visualization

Calvin Ringeisen
by CalvinR on 27 Apr 2022

A simple Keyvisual Render for my University Project, includes Wireframe Render Variants to test out. Assets Used: - 3D-Model: - HDRI: Deadline: 27.04.2021

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Another University Project was the Introduction of Look Development / Previsualization. This was my first time working on Composition, Color Grading & Rendering out a Scene using Redshift. We were tasked to use a CC0-Nike Shoe and create three different Keyvisuals, each representing a different background, theme and presentation. The only aspect that should stay the same is the Camera and the 3-Point-Lighting. Changing the Colors of the Lights or HDRI was allowed.

Since creating a visually appealing scene was quite the challenge for the first time, as the majority of the time went on placing the shoe and camera in a satisfying way that would work for three keyvisuals. As for the themes, I went with an minimalistic style, followed with photorealism and lastly a cel-shaded visualization.

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