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Bowling Bottles

Bowling Bottles

Gergely Levente Nagy
by nagygergelylevente1998 on 22 Apr 2022

A small scene of destruction.

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The goal of this project was to create a small scale rigid body simulation showcasing concrete, glass and wood fracturing at the same time.

I came up with the idea of bowling with some sort of concrete object, aiming at glass bottles. From there on it was only a matter of time till I managed to decide exactly what kind of assets to use in the simulation.

Main steps of the process:

The simulation was made in Houdini, rendered using Redshift, and composited in DaVinci Resolve.

Project organization:

I strongly believe that a well-organized node-system makes a huge difference in a person's workflow, which is why I strive to keep my networks as understandable as possible.  Even though the first version of this project was made weeks before, I had no issue jumping back into it beacuase of that.

I added a few screenshots of my workflow in Houdini.


One of the main reasons that I ended up revisiting this project was that I started picking up Redshift lately, and I decided to re-render some of my favorite projects.

As I am familiar with Arnold and Mantra, getting started with a new renderer went rather smoothly and the pure power of Redshift keeps me invested in exploring it further every day.


This project required realistic assets and textures, which is why all of the concrete bricks are from the Megascans library, downloaded from Quixel Bridge, just like all the textures except for the bottles'.

I modeled the wooden pallet and the bottles in Autodesk Maya, and for the bottles' shader I used Redshift within Houdini.

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