Eagle huntress

Eagle huntress

Stephen Sebastian Njoto
by stephennjoto on 7 May 2019

👧🏻 🦅 Nomadic tribe that lived along the Silk Road, observing and absorbing cultures they encounter, and over generations become an integral part of their own identity. What if the Silk Road encompassed a larger range, what if Aotearoa (New Zealand) was discovered during the peak of this trade route, how could the

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Final painting.

Concept iteration.

Drawing influence from the Qing, Tibetan, Middle eastern, and Pasifika.

Weapon iteration.

Bows and arrows.

Final weapons.

Arrow, quiver and bow.

Spiral shaft of arrow makes the it more aerodynamic.

Eagle companion harness concept.

Harness design inspired by the Tui, native bird of New Zealand.

Final outfit design.

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