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Olly the Octopus - Rookies Weekly Drill

Olly the Octopus - Rookies Weekly Drill

Sam Claydon
by SamClaydon on 29 Mar 2022

Welcome to my weekly project - Olly the Octopus. This week I only set myself one day to work on it due to other work taking priority but I am really happy with how it turned out.

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This week I decided to try something new, to create this Weekly Drill using a Lego art style. I had never used this style before and I was very interested to see how it would work out. I only had one day to work on this drill as I have University assignments to work on too but I am happy with how this little octopus worked out.

I am currently also working on creating a game for my Rookies Award submission this year, which is also in a voxel art style, here is the link to my log of my progress for that project if you want to check it out:

My Process

When thinking about my time scale being one day for this project, I decided to work in MagicaVoxel as I have a fair bit of experience in it. But this time I wanted to change it up, create it in Lego. I got to work on the Octopus, which I named Olly, and tried to plan around how I wanted him to be showcased in my scene.

There were a few iterations of this little guy and I wanted to focus on how I can make a scene seem underwater. That was my main challenge as I have never tried to make anything appear underwater before. I decided to use Photoshop to create an effect that made it appear this way.

Here is the original compared to the new edited version.

I hope you enjoyed checking out Olly! I am finding these Weekly Drills very helpful in trying out new projects and ideas. The next few weeks I will be most likely working on my university assignments or my Rookies Award game so I will probably have a few weeks off the Weekly Drills.

Thanks again for checking out my work!

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