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Sony FX-300 Jackal TV/Radio, Late 1970's.

Sony FX-300 Jackal TV/Radio, Late 1970's.

Rain Hammoura
by krainh on 29 Mar 2022

Vintage Sony Jackal Radio that was just bought in 1977 at the height of it’s popularity. A young kid in a Japanese family has gotten his grimy little hands on it and likes to use it to watch old cartoons and animes!

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I absolutely adored working on this project. Probably one of the most challenging hard-surface props that I've had to make, but the end result really turned out so good! It took a lot of time and effort to model everything correctly and efficiently. There are a lot of parts to this piece that had me scratching my head, but I think overall that I really did well. I added a story of a young Japanese boy in the late 70's getting his hands on one to watch old cartoons and animes, hence the stickers and heavy fingerprint and dust textures!

Modeled through the blockout to hi-res to game-res pipeline. All parts of the asset modeled in Maya, textured and hand-painted using a mixture of Substance Painter and hand-made alphas via Photoshop. Rendered in 4K through IRay.

Side by side view of the fully modeled and smoothed hi-res versus the end result game-res after baking, texturing, and environmental lighting. I used a lot of floating geometry in the hi-res phase so as to minimize polygons and help lessen render times. Texturing was probably the most challenging part. Outwardly this piece looks pretty simple especially due to the size and shape, but the texturing and materials is where this piece really shines and I enjoyed being able to experiment in that area.

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