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Abandoned Hideout

Abandoned Hideout

Rain Hammoura
by krainh on 28 Mar 2022

Decrepit hideout inspired by Valorant concept art to showcase reusability and modular design.

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This was a full environment scene that was blocked out and assembled in Unreal Engine 4. I used this project to showcase reusability and modularity with the assets. Was inspired by Valorant concept art. I really wanted to try and showcase, to the best of my ability, the materials, and the lighting and composition. 

Assets, Nodes, and Material Breakdown

This was my first time using a trim sheet, and although it was a challenge, I am proud of the turnout and really enjoyed the process. All other materials are tiling textures made via Substance Designer. The floor was made with a vertex blend process between tiles and concrete.

All assets were completely modeled in Maya. Trim sheets were made via Maya, ZBrush, and Substance Painter. Everything was assembled and lit in Unreal Engine 4.

Reference Image

By Lorenzo Lanfranconi for Valorant

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