Red Bunker

Red Bunker

Milos Komazec
by milos on 21 Jan 2022

I am proud to present my very first scene in Unreal Engine. This was for Think Tank Online's intermediate term final. Red Bunker is a communications and surveillance room that takes place in an abandoned soviet bunker. This scene was inspired by one of Arseniy Chebynkin's pieces of art. I hope you enjoy!

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This is my final submission for Think Tank Online's second term. Our task was to create an environment inside Unreal Engine 4 based off a concept of our choosing.  I found a truly inspiring piece of concept art by Arseniy Chebynkin of this environment and I just had to do it.

I hope you enjoy! 

Check out Arseniy Chebynkin's ArtStation, you WILL NOT regret it! 

This was my first time using Substance Designer and I have to say... it is something that is out of this world. I cannot wait to expand on my knowledge with this piece of software.

Here are some material spheres showcasing the tileable textures I used for vertex painting on the walls, floor and ceiling.

Base colour > Lighting Only > Lit

To finish this off I'd love to present a quick cinematic of the scene. Enjoy

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