Realtime Melting Snow (UE4)

Realtime Melting Snow (UE4)

Michael Tavernier
by michaeltavernier on 1 May 2019

Study on snow, focusing on the usability within a game engine. 100% created in Substance Designer and rendered in Unreal engine 4. Experimenting with localisation and blending in Unreal engine 4.20.3. I got inspired for this project by amazing artists like Daniel Thiger, from which I learnt a lot! Hope you like it!

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Using exposed parameters in substance designer I could make different states of snow, like how much it had melt or how windswept the snow was. 
To make that use-able in a game environment without having having all these heavy calculations, I saved multiple states by pre-calculating them and letting them blend in with masks. This also makes possible to have a localized, smooth-running and changing snow in Unreal engine. I'll try to visualize this for you by giving each mask a color in the following videos below. I'll also include the important part of the shader-nodes I used.

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