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by racebrakeshop on 1 May 2019

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Update - 1 May 2019

How To Bleed Brakes

Bleeding Process: It takes two people

First, always start at the corner furthest from the driver and work your way towards the driver/master cylinder (Right rear, left rear, right front, left front.), just remember farthest to closest.

Then, find the bleeder screw (bleeder valve) on the rear caliper. Attach a piece of clear tubing to the nipple of the bleeder screw.

Place the other end of the hose into the disposable bottle.

Then take a wrench and place it on the bleeder screw.

Place the bottle for waste fluid on top of the caliper. Hold the bottle with one hand and grasp the wrench with the other hand.

Next, have your assistant apply the brake pedal and hold down firmly. Then open the bleed screw ¼ turn to release the fluid into the waste line. NEVER have the driver release the brake pedal while the screw is open, make sure to CLOSE the screw first and then have the driver release the brake pedal.

Inspect the fluid within the waste line for air bubbles.

Continue the bleeding process (steps 1 through 7) until air bubbles are no longer present. Be sure to check the brake fluid level in the reservoir after bleeding each wheel, make sure to keep the fluid level at the MAX line.

Then, go on to the next corner and repeat all steps (1-8).

Next, take brake clean and spray and whipe down the entire area until dry. DO NOT SPRAY BRAKE CLEANER ON ANY RUBBER OR PLASTIC PARTS. Leaving the area clean and dry will make it much easier to spot leaks.

Test the brake pedal for a firm feel, and if all the steps were followed then your done bleeding your brakes.

Please discard of any and all used brake fluid properly and responsibly.

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